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Pembinaan Mohamed Nazir Meraslam Sdn Bhd is a privately owned Class A Bumiputera contractor company and is 100% committed to delivering quality products and services to satisfy our customer’s needs. Pembinaan Mohamed Nazir Meraslam Sdn Bhd was established and incorporated in November 1990.It started with Telecommunication Infrastructure and Cable Works maintenance, repair and installation.

      Telecommunication & Cabling Works

      We started with telecommunications and cabling works back in 1990 and to this day remain strong in this field.

      Piling & Foundation

      In our continuous efforts to serve our customers better, we diversified into the Trading and General Services area.


      Our organization is strict on the culture of health and safety leaving our incident and accident level at a very low rate and ratio.

      One of the major transformations we had at MNM Groups is reduce paper filing and printing. We have practice more on the usage of soft copy folders, drives and clouds.

      When using our machines, we make sure we filter the diesel on a steel plate first before drowning it in order to reduce harm on our environment and also protect it.

      Reduction In Waste
      Over the years we have tried our best in finding ways in reducing material wastage. Today, we have reduced wastage in telecommunication materials by 60% and piling materials by 20%.

      We use bentonite in our works not only to support and lubricate the walls of foundations but also to use it as wastewater purification. This is used mostly in our tunneling and HDD works.

      Increase In Recycling
      Not only at the HQ but we have also instill the culture of recycling at our site offices too. Over the years, we have also learned how to innovate our recycle products to either reuse it again in our offices or make it part of our CSR.

      To ensure quality and sustainability, we also do upkeeping and maintenance of our machineries on an average of once in 3 months.

      Corporate Social Responsibility
      Throughout the years, our participation in CSR has increased tremendously and we have managed to venture into many different types of welfares in order to fulfill our responsibility to the community, society and environment.

      When doing underground works, we make sure to pump all waste using a sludge straight into our tanker and dump it at the designated place. This reduces garbage dumping and also protects the environment as a whole.

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Pembinaan Mohamed Nazir Meraslam Sdn Bhd

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